Fethiye-Olympos-Fethiye 3 Nights 4 Days Cruise

Fethiye-Olympos-Fethiye 3 Nights 4 Days Cruise


 4 Days 3 Nights Fethiye - Olympos  


Day 1
The boat leaves Fethiye between 10 am and 12 pm (depending on arrival of other persons coming from local transportation (from here we will sail for about an hour and half stopping along the way to have lunch in a cove and a few hours of swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. 
After lunch we sail towards Ölüdeniz, and the Butterfly Valley.  The weather conditions will dictate which place we stop at first.
Once at Butterfly Valley, we will stop for about 40 minutes in order to walk up and back to the waterfalls to capture glimpses of the multicoloured butterflies. There is an entrance fee of 5 lira to enter the valley.
Next place we will visit will be Ölüdeniz. Our stop here is outside of a beautiful blue lagoon where swimming is abounded and for those more adventurous cliffs jumping is an option.  The cliffs are about 12 meters high and offer a rush for those interested.  We stay and enjoy the lagoon for about two hours.  

Optional Activities
This is an optional place to do paragliding, if you ask your captain they will arrange your paragliding with the appropriate companies. They will pick you up by speed boat, take you in to  Ölüdeniz town, and take you up on the  BABADAG  mountain which is 1700 meters hGHz. Your descent takes about 40 minutes, during which you fly over the blue lagoon of Ölüdeniz and the islands. You land on the beach, and they will bring you back to boat. 
After time well spent at Ölüdeniz lagoon, we will sail for 30 minutes to our next spot, St Nicholas Island. Here we will spend your first night of the Blue Cruise. St. Nicolas Island is the home of the famous Baba Nicolas ruins.  It is also a great spot for viewing the sunset.
Here we can basque the late afternoon sun with swimming, renting jet boats or sunbathing.  Other boats offering ice cream, pancakes, smoothies and the wares will sail up to ours to offer whatever treats you desire.  In the evening a seafood dinner with fresh green salad will be served.

Day 2
Today is the longest sail day from St. Nicholas Island toward Kalkan and Kas. 
  Our Boat leaves early morning for a four hour open water crossing to ensure calm waters and safer travels.  We arrive at Firnaz cove in time for breakfast and an early morning swim.  After swimming we sail for a few more hours to Kas Harbour. 
We stop for two hours in Kas in order to explore the town.  Lunch will be served on the boat either before or after a visit to Kas depending on time.  Kas is a small fishing village with an excellent harbour offering views of the tiny Greek Island of Meis in the distance.  
  There is a Lycian amphitheatre and rock tombs with mosaic streets beautifully positioned overlooking the bay located just outside the centre of town.  Kas is also known as an excellent place to purchase silver jewellery.  Kas will provide an idyllic place to while away a Mediterranean afternoon.

Optional Activities in Kas
Kas is renowned for scuba diving and paragliding.  For those interested in either option, all you need to do is let the Captain know and He will make the arrangements for you.
After a few hours exploring Kas and the towns various activities, the boat will continue on to Limanagzi Cove.  The afternoon activities are plentiful in the cove.  There is a beach for strolling and swimming and walks along the hillside.  Snorkeling is also an option in the beautiful waters for viewing tropical fish and turtles.  In the evening we will capture the sunset while barbequing an excellent meal.

Day 3
Today is the most relaxing day of the cruise due to short travel time and smooth sailing.  We head toward Kekova region, the home of Lycian ruins at Tersane, which also include the ruins of a later Byzantine church surrounding an old ship yard, Ottoman villages and the Sunken City.  Our first stop is Tersane Bay, which means '' dry dock''.  Here we find handmade marble flooring, rock tombs and ancient church ruins all a few feet below the crystal clear waters.  Here we will stop for lunch and have time for snorkeling.  From here we follow the coast 500 meters towards the 'Sunken City', a Lycian city which sunk over 2000 years ago after a major earthquake.  We cruise along the coast line taking in the views of the ancient houses, columns and various remains under the water.  There is an option for an organized sea kayaking tour along the coast for a more up close look at the ruins.  We cruise across the bay sailing by an ancient rock tomb to the village of Kale.  Here we can visit the Byzantine/Ottoman castle leaving enough time to wander through the village and stock up on supplies.  Swimming is always an option for those wanting to stay at sea.
Leaving behind the village of Kale we head to Gokkaya Cove famous for its tourqoise waters.  Gokkaya is one of the most well protected coves along the southern Mediterranean Sea.  We will spend the afternoon enjoying the tranquil waters by swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling.  
After a delicious last dinner together, the adventure to Smugglers Inn Bar begins.  For those interested, small service boats arrive to pick you up and take you to shore where you can indulge in a pirate's delight with other sea goers at the "local pub".

Day 4
Start the day slowly, enjoying a morning swim and breakfast.  Afterwards we sail towards Pirate Cave where we swim inside the cavern.  Our final stop is Cayagzi cove where it is time to say goodbye to your fellow mates and the crew.  As there is no harbour to dock the boat, a small service boat will pick you up take you to shore.  From here a bus will be arranged to take you to the Demre Otogar where there are connections to Olympos (hour and half), Antalya (3 hours), and Kas (40 minutes) or Fethiye (3 hours).



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